Good Luck To All Competitors!

As we put the final touches on this week's State Career Development Conference, your State Officers want to wish each of you the best of luck as you prepare for the International Career Development Conference!


Join "The Movement"

This year, your DECA State Action Team has united with over 20 state associations in implementing an exciting new fundraising initiative for MDA. This initiative, known as "The Movement", is a student-led effort to raise the bar in terms of what the world thinks students can accomplish. On behalf of Minnesota DECA and National Officer Team 66, we extend to you an invitation to join this exciting endeavor. Talk to your chapter advisor for more information!

Support Minnesota DECA Partners!


Have you visited the Partners page of the Minnesota DECA website? If not, you should! Here you can find links to partners like:

  • The Finish Line
  • The Men's Wearhouse
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves
  • The Minnesota Twins

We know they love our support, just as we love the support they provide our organization!



Take DECA to College With You!

Dates to Remember

You'll see plenty of Reminders on this website with important dates, always remember to check with your advisor, as he or she will know all the key dates during the 2014—2015 school year with DECA one to remember! To help you plan your year, here's a quick glance of the dates for this year's conferences:

Upcoming Events:

International Career Development Conference — April 25 - 28, 2015
  Orlando, Florida