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International Career Development Conference

More than 10,000 DECA members demonstrate their college and career knowledge and skills by participating in DECA’s Competitive Events Program. They are finalists from their chartered associations hoping to be named an international champion.
Thousands of members participate in DECA’s Emerging Leader Series to attain 21st Century Skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.
Searching for the perfect institution to start your post-secondary studies? Want to discuss career opportunities? Looking to expand the product line for your school-based enterprise? More than 100 exhibits will be waiting!
From the School-based Enterprise Academy to Executive Officer Campaigns to Advisor Professional Learning, DECA’s ICDC brings together the best of the best to culminate a successful DECA academic year.
2018 — Atlanta, Georgia — April 21-24, 2018
2019 — Orlando, Florida — April 27-30, 2019
2020 — Nashville, Tennessee — April 29-May 2, 2020 2021 — Anaheim, California — April 24-27, 2021 2022 — Atlanta, Georgia — April 23-26, 2022 2023 — Orlando, Florida — April 22-25, 2023